Ever wondered how you can turn an empty piece of land into a money-making platform?

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Pioneer Solar has the answer: purchase a groundmount solar system and turn sunshine into earnings. Thanks to the Ontario FIT Program, you are now paid a lucrative fixed rate for all the electricity you solar system produces for the next 20 years.

Smart Financial Investment

A Solar Purchase is a financially smarter investment than purchasing fluctuating stocks or guaranteed investment contracts with low returns. Now with the FIT program, Pioneer Solar can help you achieve a secured return on investment of up to 10%. Once your solar system is installed, your local distribution company on behalf of Ontario's Independent System Electricity Operator will start paying you on a monthly basis.

Typical Solar Earnings

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Pioneer Solar will design your solar system based on your property's solar access and your financial goals. The larger your solar system the more you can earn. Financial earnings and environmental benefits for typical size systems are listed above.

Start Earning Today!

With the new FIT program and record low solar system prices, there has never been a better time to go solar. Once installed, your solar system will start generating a steady stream of income and at the same time help you contribute to a healthier environment.

So why wait? Get your free consultation and start earning money today!

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