Solar Panels : Silfab

Silfab is one of Ontario's largest manufacturers of solar panels. Silfab has over three decades of experience in the PV industry and has partnered with industry‐leading engineering firms and equipment providers to establish a team with knowledge and demonstrated success across the entire photovoltaic value chain.

Trackers : Sonnen Systems

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Sonnen Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of dual-axis tracking photovoltaic systems. Developed with the aim of maximising output of solar energy, their products are characterised by unrivalled precision, efficiency and quality.

Inverters : KACO

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KACO is a global leader in the development, production and sales of PV inverters.KACO is manufacturing their inverters in Ontario and the US. Although inverters are usually not given their deserved attention, a high quality inverter is critical to the operation and performance of your solar system as it can be thought of as the brain of the solar system.

Racking Structure : Schletter

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Schletter is an internationally recognized manufacturer of solar mounting systems for small to utility scale applications. Schletter operates worldwide with sales and manufacturing facilities in eleven countries. Schletter fully complies with the content requirements set by the Ontario government and is manufacturing racking structures in Windsor and in Arizona..