Pioneer Solar is a subsidiary of Pioneer Engineering. The initial stages of Pioneer Engineering began in 1991. At that time, Pioneer’s main focus was exporting a wide variety of electrical goods to overseas markets.

As time passed and in an effort to meet market demands and client expectations, the company started to develop innovative designs of electric products, not yet locally available. Components were assembled and packed in Pioneer’s facilities and products were distributed throughout Ontario and overseas. As the demand for products increased, Pioneer acquired additional production equipment and personnel to become more self-sufficient and cost effective.

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Today, Pioneer Engineering is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and has an extensive network of electric distributors all across Canada and overseas. Among our Canadian distributors are EECOL, Franklin Empire, Gerrie, Guillevin, Rexel, Torbram, Wesco, and Westburne. We are proud and honoured to have served our customers for many years in a way that met their needs for quality, service, and delivery.

Pioneer Engineering markets its innovative products under its four subsidiaries Pioneer Electric, Pioneer Lighting, Pioneer Solar, and Pioneer Wind.